Three rhinos mutilated by poachers for their horns

Angie part of team that administer Thandi and Themba with treatments to wake them up and give them a chance.


Themba found dead

His death was due to circulation problems in one of his back legs, as a result of the way he fell during the poaching.


Thandi's Fund Raiser Founded

Thandi's story inspired Angie to commit to her efforts to Rhino Conservation.


Pioneering skin grafts, Thandi found pregnant

Blood tests showed that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, a miracle in itself.


Angie returns to Kariega as an intern

To monitor Thandi in her late stages of pregnancy and keep everyone informed of her well being.


Thandi's Endangered Species Association Formed

Evolving from the organisation Thandi's Fund Raiser and inspired by the continuing survival of the pregnant rhino Thandi.


Thandi gives birth to female calf Thembi

Thembi meaning hope in Xhosa a language that is spoken throughout South Africa.