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Dr Jeremy Paul

BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year - Category Winner 2010, 2011, 2012
Wildscape Artist of the Year 2008

Dr Jeremy Paul

Born in Accrington, Lancashire and originally trained as a marine biologist, the essence of the art of Jeremy Paul is the accurate portrayal of wildlife in its environment. Completely self taught he works in acrylics, developing the painting in many layers of paint with use of under-painting and glazes to alter the tone and atmosphere of the work. His paintings manage to capture a moment in time, creating a sense of quiet stillness in which wild birds or animals are seen, undisturbed by the viewer – a forgotten corner of a barn, a peaceful riverbank – small cameos, which are pictures of tranquillity.

My aim as a wildlife artist is not merely to illustrate but to impart the atmosphere of the setting and the feel of the wildlife in its natural environment. I spend many hours in the field observing wildlife and looking for settings and lighting to inspire an idea for a painting.

Dr Jeremy Paul.

He has travelled extensively in India, Africa, North America and most recently the Polar regions.

Award winning wildlife artist Dr Jeremy Paul.

His work has been used on postage stamps. It is in the collection of 'Nature in Art', where he is part of their artist in residence programme. He has received commissions from the Sultan of Oman and the Government of the Isle of Man, has exhibited for the King and Queen of Norway and in the prestigious 'Birds in Art' in America.

A new book of his work was published in 2013.

Message from Jeremy

It is an honour to be asked to be patron of TESA – and to help protect rhinos. On my first trip to Africa in the 1990s I saw Northern White Rhino in the wild, this sub species is now almost extinct - I never thought that would happen in my lifetime. The aims and work of TESA will help protect these amazing animals for future generations.

Dr Jeremy Paul.
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