Campaign Update

Thandi's Endangered Species Association News Article - 12 January 2017

Campaign Update

May 2016 TESA launched a fundraising campaign to raise £50,000 to purchase a portable ultrasound unit and a portable x-ray machine with a digital processor for wildlife vet Dr Mike Toft. We are pleased to announce that we have raised sufficient funds to purchase the portable ultrasound unit. An official hand over of the machine will hopefully be done in March when Angie will be heading back to South Africa for a short visit to a few of TESA’s projects. In the meantime we hope the machine can be used to help many wild animals that require veterinary treatment and save many lives.

Our fundraising campaign will continue until we reach our final target to purchase the x-ray and digital processor.

A big THANK YOU to all those who have donated, raised funds and helped make this possible. If anyone would like to find out more about the campaign and request the campaign proposal document then contact Angie at

If you would like to donate go to our Just Giving